Rules "A" League






 Current IESA/ IHSA rules apply, except as noted BELOW.


(Updated 10-2018)

 1.  8th grade - (4) 7 minute quarters.


 2.  6th and 7th grade- (4) 6 minute quarters.


 3.  6th Grade must play man-to-man defense (Boys until Jan. 1, 2019 and Girls until Jan 15, 2019)


 4.  (4) timeouts per game. (1) timeout in over time "No carry over".


 5.  Overtime - (1) minute, with the clock stopping on all whistles. The game will  

                  end at the completion of the (1) minute even if its a tie. A (2) minute overtime  period will be played

                  during  the "playoffs" until there is a winner.


 6.  (5) Minute HALFTIME


 7.  6th, 7th & 8th Grade - Bonus is shot on the seventh team foul in each half. (Super bonus on    

     the 10th foul).  No Super Bonus in 6th grade league.


 8.  6th Grade - No pressing with a 10+ point lead

      7th and 8th grade - No pressing with a 15+ point lead


 9.  Every player dressed on the bench must play in a league game. If a team does not

      play all their players, they will forfeiting the game (playoff games excluded).


 10.  All players are limited to (6) Quarters in any given day


 11.  Regulation size ball will be used in Boys games. 28.5 size ball will be used in the Girls       



 12.  Players may enter the lane on a free throw once the ball is released by the shooter.


 13.  REPORTING OF SCORES: Home team must report scores within 48hrs of the

        games completion.  Failure to report scores will result in a forfeit for the home team


 14.  A 20+ point lead in the 4th quarter of any game, will result in a running clock for remainder of the     

        game no matter whether the score goes below 20 points or not.


        When a 6th grade team has a 15+ point lead or 7th and 8th grade team has a 20+ point lead, the team

        with the lead must play man to man defense within arc.


The penalty for not following the rules above are as follows: a warning from the referee;  the second and every time thereafter the referee will stop the clock and award a team technical foul to the defensive team. The losing team will be awarded 2 points and the ball at half court.


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Ed Gerdes - Basketball Assignor